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Ceramic Coating

Simplify your daily car maintenance routine and enjoy some incredibly shiny paint with a hydrophobic Ceramic Coating packages from iPAC Automotive Spa our customers have the luxury of selecting from several comprehensive paint protection packages featuring Revivify Self Heal ceramic coatings that further enhances your vehicle’ paint shine gloss & depth

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Vehicle, Boat, Motorcycle Detailing and Paint Correction

Regardless of your vehicle’s paintwork and exterior surface areas clear coat or carnauba wax protection against the weather and elements, over time your paintwork is exposed to dirt, metals, grime, and contamination in the air.  If these nuances are not remedied, the grime will damage interior components of your paintwork and loses its shine, and gloss.  Detailing & Paint Correction packages

Ceramic IR Advanced Window Tint Films

Whether your vehicle needs interior protection from UV Rays and Sunshine or privacy against any bystanders peeking into your vehicle, our highly rated Ceramic IR  films will do the trick!   Our IR films keep the temperature low even within direct sunlight!  Ceramic Infrared Window Films


Hydrogen and Water based green technology reducing vehicle emissions

Environmentally Friendly removes carbon buildup and deposits from critical components of Gas or Diesel vehicle.  Restores Engine Performance, improves fuel efficiency and maximizes longevity of your engine’s lifespan also preventing excessive wear of expensive engine parts (EGR valve, DPF, spark plug, valves, injectors, turbo vanes) Hydrogen Carbon Removal

Dry Ice Blasting Cleaning Restoration

Rediscover the brilliance of your vehicle with our dry ice blasting.  Dry Ice Blasting is a very efficient yet gentle  cleaning, it removes dirt, grime, and contaminants without causing any damage to the car’s finish or delicate components. Preserve your vehicle’s impeccable condition with Dry Ice Cleaning & Blasting Services

Make your Engine Bay look like new again!  Including Intake Valves | Undercarriage | Restoration | Exhaust Cleaning | Undercoating Protection | Collector Auction Preparation

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Tesla-High-Voltage-Battery-Drive-Unit-Motor rebuild-reconditioning-iPAC-Automotive-Ontario-CA

Tesla High Voltage Battery Diagnostic & Repair Services

Battery Module Replacement | Battery Management Board TESLA High Voltage Battery Repair

Battery Management System | BMS Programming & Recalibration

TESLA Front & Rear Drive Unit Rebuild

TESLA Routine Annual Maintenance Services

Air Filter Replacement | Cabin Air Filter |Control Arms | Suspension | Brakes & Rotors TESLA Maintenance Services

Instrument Cluster Infotainment | MCU Replacement

Door Handle Replacement

Vehicle-Performance Upgrade

Vehicle Performance Upgrades & ECU Tuning

Installation of Custom Performance Intake | Exhaust | Spring | Coilover | Air Suspension | Radiator | Intercooler | Turbo | Clutch | Brake & Rotor Vehicle Performance Upgrades

Increasing horsepower, torque, and engine responsiveness

Vehicle Car Key Programming & Duplication

Key Copying | Duplication | Cloning | Cutting | Lost All Keys | EEPROM Programming Services Duplicate Key Programming

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Vehicle Protection Perfection & Performance TESLA Battery Solutions

Vehicles are some of our most prized possessions in our lives and as enthusiasts we aspire to protect and perfect their appearance, paint protection performance.

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