Expert Tesla Maintenance & Repair in Ontario, CA Brakes,Suspensions, Battery Replacement

At iPAC Automotive, we are Tesla experts providing comprehensive maintenance and repair services for your prized electric vehicle. Our team of highly trained technicians in Ontario, CA use the latest diagnostic tools and equipment to ensure your Tesla operates at peak performance and safety. We follow all manufacturer specifications and best practices for maintaining and repairing every Tesla model. Trust our experience and commitment to keeping your Tesla in prime condition mile after mile.

Why Proper Tesla Maintenance is Critical

Tesla’s pioneering electric vehicles rely on advanced technology and integrated systems. Neglecting maintenance can lead to compounded issues and failures down the road. While Teslas require less service than gas-powered cars in some ways, there are still key areas that need periodic attention:

  • 12V battery to power vehicle accessories and electronics
  • Brake system including pads, rotors, and calipers
  • Suspension components for ride quality and safety
  • Cooling systems for battery pack and drive units
  • High-voltage contractors, cabling, and charging systems

Putting off maintenance can void warranties and lead to expensive repairs when small issues turn into bigger problems. Don’t risk the longevity of your Tesla – stick to the recommended maintenance schedule for lasting performance. Ceramic Coating


Tesla Maintenance Battery Pack & Drive Unit Service

The heart of any Tesla is its traction battery pack and drive unit(s). While designed for longevity, these core components still require periodic service:

  • Coolant flushes/exchanges for optimal thermal management
  • Multi-point inspection to check for leaks, wear, or damage
  • High-voltage cabling inspection and diagnostic testing
  • Contactors, fuses, and other electrical component testing
  • Software calibrations and updates as released by Tesla

Maintaining the cooling systems and high-voltage components is essential for maximizing battery life and preventing potential failures. Our trained technicians have the proper equipment to service these sensitive EV systems safely.

We also offer comprehensive battery pack repair and reconditioning services if your Tesla’s range seems to be diminishing over time. Our diagnostic scans can detect failing cell groups to be serviced.

While drive unit failures are rare, we can remove, repair or replace drive units as needed using genuine Tesla components and following all procedures.

Tesla Maintenance 12V Battery Service & Replacement

While Teslas run on a high-voltage lithium-ion battery pack, the 12V battery powers accessories like lights, media system, and more. Proper 12V battery maintenance is crucial. We offer:

  • 12V battery testing to check voltage levels, charge capacity, and overall condition
  • 12V battery replacement with OEM or better batteries for maximum longevity
  • Proper battery coding/registration to sync with your Tesla’s systems
  • Environmentally responsible disposal of old batteries

Our 12V battery services ensure reliable starts every time and prevent issues with accessories failing or occasional resets. We only use batteries meeting or exceeding Tesla’s strict specifications to maintain seamless operation of your vehicle’s auxiliary systems.

A failing 12V battery can discharge far too quickly or act erratically. Don’t get stuck with a dead auxiliary battery – bring your Tesla to us at the first sign of 12V battery problems for testing and replacement if needed.


Tesla Brake System Inspection, Repair & Replacement

Tesla’s regenerative braking system reduces wear on brake pads and rotors compared to gas vehicles, but periodic brake system servicing is still required for safety. Our comprehensive brake services include:

  • A thorough inspection of brake pads, rotors, calipers, brake lines and hardware
  • Brake pad replacement with OEM or better quality pads for quiet, smooth braking
  • Resurfacing of scratched or warped rotors to restore even contact
  • Replacement of rotors that are too thin or severely damaged
  • Brake fluid flush and replenishment with Tesla-approved DOT fluid
  • Brake bleeding to remove air pockets for a firm, responsive pedal feel
  • Replacement of brake hardware (clips, pins, calipers, etc.) as needed

We use precision equipment and processes to ensure proper brake operation and your safety. Our technicians follow Tesla’s recommended procedures and specifications for all brake work.

Don’t ignore squeaks, vibrations, or a soft pedal – these can indicate serious brake issues. Schedule brake inspection and service to prevent costly repairs and maintain full control.

Benefits of Routine Brake Service:

  • Extend life of brake pads and rotors for lower ownership costs
  • Proper brake fluid prevents corrosion and maintains performance
  • Eliminate brake noise and pedal pulsation for a smoother experience
  • Restore full stopping power and brake response for safety

Tesla Suspension Service & Repair

For a smooth, controlled ride that maximizes traction and tire life, your Tesla’s suspension system needs periodic inspection and maintenance. Our suspension services cover:

  • Inspection of shocks/struts for leaks, noise, or physical damage
  • Replacement of worn shocks/struts to renew dampening performance
  • Inspection and replacement of coil springs, if cracked or deformed
  • Control arm bushing inspection and replacement if deteriorated
  • Comprehensive wheel alignment to ensure proper geometry
  • Tire rotation and balance at the same time as alignment
  • Suspension height sensor calibration, if applicable
  • Air suspension system component inspection and repair, if equipped

Don’t compromise ride quality, safety or expensive tire wear – bring your Tesla to our expert technicians for comprehensive suspension maintenance. We have the specialized equipment and knowledge to service air and conventional suspension systems properly per Tesla’s specifications.

Subpar repairs or failure to maintain suspension components can lead to poor handling, instability, uneven tire wear, and even premature suspension failure. Prevent issues with our multi-point suspension assessment.

Benefits of Routine Suspension Service:

  • Maintain handling precision and responsiveness
  • Optimize ride comfort and minimize rattles/noise
  • Extend tire life by ensuring proper alignment
  • Prevent safety issues like excess body lean or poor traction

Tesla High Voltage Battery Diagnostic & Repair Services

Battery Module Replacement | Battery Management Board 

Battery Management System | BMS Programming & Recalibration

TESLA Front & Rear Drive Unit  Rebuild & Replacement

 TESLA Maintenance Services

Welcome to iPAC Auto Spa | TESLA High Voltage Specialist | Performance Center, your premier destination for paint correction and Revivify Coating in Ontario, CA. At Innovative Precision Auto Corp (iPAC), we’re committed to providing top-quality service for all your automotive needs.

Our experienced team of technicians brings a blend of traditional know-how and cutting-edge technology to every job, ensuring your vehicle receives the best care possible. Whether you need routine maintenance, complex repairs, or just professional advice, we’re here to ensure your experience is smooth, transparent, and satisfying. Come and experience the difference at iPAC Auto Spa, where your vehicle’s health and your peace of mind are our top priorities.

Why Trust IPAC Automotive for Tesla Maintenance & Repair Services in Ontario, CA?

  • Specialized training and tooling
  • Only genuine OEM and better quality parts/components used
  • Advanced diagnostic capabilities to pinpoint any issues accurately
  • Comprehensive Digital Vehicle Inspection reports before/after service
  • Extended warranty services to protect your EV investment
  • Commitment to superior customer service
  • Courtesy vehicle pickup/delivery in the Ontario area
  • Clean, modern, comfortable service facility with lounge amenities

Don’t trust your premium Tesla to just any shop. Our team goes through extensive training covering the unique technology and systems of Tesla vehicles. We invest in the latest diagnostic technology and tools specified by Tesla to properly assess and repair their vehicles.

When you bring your Tesla to IPAC Automotive, you can rest assured it’s being serviced by professionals who understand the inner workings of this pioneering electric vehicle. We adhere to all procedures and specifications laid out by Tesla and never cut corners on quality.

From high-voltage battery service to brakes, suspension, and everything in between – we’ve got you covered. Experience the IPAC difference with your next Tesla maintenance or repair need. Schedule your appointment today to ensure your Tesla is operating at its best and your safety is never compromised. We are Ontario’s trusted choice for all Tesla services.